Shri Modi

Shri Modi
Keeping In Touch 18/11/17

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The 3 Pillars Of Democracy

3.The Media.
    But,see what they are,according to,Shri Modi,  HERE

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Attack On Gold:Silence On the Derivatives

Gold Deposit Scheme,has been announced by the NDA from/in, May 2015.
     The Cabinet considered approving the same,on 23/7/15.And then started the vicious attack on Gold,calling it "unproductive".But the Derivatives,are the ones which are,really UNPRODUCTIVE. causing liquidity problems and ushering in Deflation and Global Depression,due to LESS demand,as evidenced by the confiscation of wealth by QEs,NIRP and ZIRP.Such a confiscation of wealth[Gold] has happened only during and after the so-called Great Depression,in the USA.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

NDA's Foreign Policy Struck A Massive Blow By "Master" Xi

"Master" Xi showed Shri Modi [who started the ball rolling,by visiting Japan,creating "Japan-Plus" a taunt to China,and signing many "Defence Agreements with Australia etc,antagonizing Russia],his place,days before his visit to China, with a number of  "agreements" with Pakistan, making the latter much stronger and leaving India anxious.
      Further in November ,2017,$ 250 Billion Trade Del signed,with US President Trump,who works for US interest.Rightly,so.

Shri Modi, has embraced the Globalists,[he is suspected to be "advised" by an Oligarch,with connections to the Bilderberg]  who will enslave India or have already done that ,going by the policies of NDA which are predominantly anti-India and pro-Globalists,seemingly with utter contempt for the Nation.

  Jaitley spent a week in the USA where the Spring meet of the IMF and WB was conducted from 14th to 20th April,though his meeting proper,was ONLY from 17th to the 20th.immediately after returning Jaitley began implementing the agenda of both the IMF and the WB,which is anti-India. 
     India is now in the Globalists' camp,while SCO,North Korea and part of Latin America,is the anti-One World Government-Multi-Polar World.