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Shri Modi
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Most Major Scams have occurred under MM Singh

Most Major Scams have occurred under MM Singh.
1.Harshad Mehta Scam
2.Gold Swap Scam with Bank Of England and Union Bank Of 67 MT of Gold..About Rs 2077 CRORES,as on 8/10/2012....
      India bought 200 MT of Gold from the IMF.There are articles on the net,that it is Tungsten Plated with Gold.If it is a Diomedean Swap,the loss to India in this purchase =  Rs 62000 Crores,as on 8/10/2012..
      The Gold Tungsten Scam or SALTING of Gold with Tungsten

3.Sathyam scam
4.Purchase of Tungsten in place of Gold from the IMF.
5.2G Spectrum scam.
6.His connection with Rothschilds.
7.CWG Scam.
8.Adarsh Society scam.
9.MM Singh's House Electricity Bill for 2009,is MORE THAN Rs 1 crore!!!
10.LIC Housing scam.
11.Rs 50000 Crores shortage in 2009,April-May, as per CAG Report
12.More than 2.8 Lakh Crores misused prior to 2009 Lok Sabha Elections.
13.Ordnance Factory Board scam.Read this and this.
14.NTRO scam for Rs 150 Crores with an Israeli Co.
15.Fake notes in RBI.
16."Under-recoveries" by OMCs,from 2005.Rs 1,38,000 CRORES for the Fiscal 2011/12.For the last 7 years this may be about Rs 6 CRORES.This is an annual "2 G Spectrum" scam.....
17.Irrigation scam in Maharashtra About Rs 70,000 CRORES.Ajit Pawar,the DCM resigned....
18.Haryana Government,DLF and Vadra SEZ, Land Grab scam.
19.Salman Khurshid's Trust Scam for Rs 71 Lakhs,menat for the,HANDICAPPED .

Santosh Kumat Gautam of Bulandshehr,says,his predecessor did not sign  any beneficiaries' list.
20,Digvijay Singh to be probed by the CBI,for Mall Scam of 2008.
21. THIS is also worth seeing.
22.Indira Congress party flouts "plough back" rule[30% purchase/use pf indigenous items] when purchasing Defence Items from the USA:-CAG report
23.VIP Helicopter SCAM ,with Italy's Finemeccanica worth Euros 5.1 Crores.
24.the Thorium scam for about rs 48 Lakh Crores.
25.United Bank scam.
To be continued ...........

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