Shri Modi

Shri Modi
Keeping In Touch 18/11/17

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let Them Eat Bananas!!!

India is a Banana Republic,with the UPA at the Centre.Reasons:-
1.The Prime Minister is UNELECTED,which is Undemocratic.
2.Trinamul Congress party has connections with the Terrorist outfit,the anti-India Maoists.Hence the UPAS II itself is a terrorist.If a country ruled by Terrorists is not a Banana republic,then what's it?
3.Documents pertaining to the 2 G spectrum and the Adarsh scams are missing,as per the UPA-controlled CBI.This can happen only in a Banana Republic.
4.MM Singh [suspected to have been PLANTED and being controlled by the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank],is suspected to be instrumental in India getting "TUNGSTEN PLATED WITH GOLD",for her pure Gold and Billions,in the swap with the BoE in the 1990s and the recent purchase 193 MT,from the IMF.There is no GOLD Audit in India.Certainly India is a BANANA Republic.

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