Shri Modi

Shri Modi
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Monday, October 10, 2011

UPA proposes SAARC Powergrid!

  In April this the UPA proposed a SAARC Powergrid,for "integrating" the entire SAARC region!A few days back,MM Singh also talked about "integrating" the economy of Afghanistan with those of India and South East Asia.
  Why the word," integration" is being used?Because the Globalists want to usher in One World Totalitarian Government.The EU,which is failing now,started with such a Monetary Union of "economic integration" ,called the "European Common Market".
  Now MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,strongly suspected to have been PLANTED by the Super Globalist the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank,where he had worked earlier. He still wants a type of Common Market here.he has been trying a lot to make the borders,among neighbours "irrelevant",an idea of the Globalists.
     Day by day,MM Singh is proving to be a very great danger to Sovereign India.
To be continued.........

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