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Shri Modi
Keeping In Touch 18/11/17

Sunday, September 23, 2012

M M Singh's Economics: How To Bankrupt India And Hand Her Over To My Masters....

1.Puppet of the IMF and World BankThe aim is to BANKRUPT India,make her lose her Sovereignty[by Divestment out of PSUs etc],and hand her over to MY Masters...TALK ABOUT CONSENSUS....
2.Hence on their diktat,KEEP the Fiscal Deficit HIGH.......This is the first step,to BANKRUPT India....
3.Wreck,the CAD and BOP.......
4.Ask rating Agencies [ one of the many vested interests], to downgrade
5.Use Media hype,Blitz etc with "experts"...... Misuse all and sundry....KEEP THE MEDIA UNDER CONTROL.
6.Ask RBI,the Oligarchs with their many Associations,to repeat the hype mentioned in item,5, above...
7.Never enter into a no-holds-barred Press Meet.
8.Foreign vested interests will be on hand controlling State CMs etc.....
9.Accept "lobbying"....
10.Foreign espionage Agencies will be resorting to False Flags when needed...
11.Image will be given a boost by MY Foreign Masters.
12.Resort to LIES and openly anti-India polices,like "under-recoveries" of the OMCs started in India from 2005.
13.Convert India into a Foreigners-based economy.that is FIIs- and FDI- based Economy.THIS WILL HAND OVER Control OF THE INDIAN RUPEE FROM THE RBI TO THE FOREIGNERS.
14.Make those who oppose look idiotic,like Mamata Bannerjee Ji,is being besmeared. mealier it was,Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav.
15.ANNOUNCE anti-India and pro-MNC polices,IN A DICTATORIAL FASHION!!!
Will be updated.......

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    This is gonna shock all of you , out of your pants.
    It was decided in the Bilderberg club long ago, to gate crash into Indian economy, by a conspiracy.
    If you want to know what this elite club is –
    Punch into Google search
    Punch into Google search
    The banking cartel has been given a toe hold in India, by giving away FDI in multi-brand retail and FDI in insurance.
    Insurance affects transport costs and trade costs -- it requires perception to understand all this.
    The approach to micro economics and macro economics , cannot be top down or bottoms up, every which way, based on testosterone levels ..
    Economics must be re-written by Indian intelligentsia , where the TERRAIN MUST PREVAIL OVER THE MAP .
    All perceptive students of economics on this planet -- please start demanding answers from your professors — I am sure you know that you are being taught empirical pseudo-science. If it is blasphemy so be it! The emperor is naked indeed !!
    This must be a win-win model ensuring the down trodden are not left behind, with freedom from “risk of slavery” as number one condition.
    We are confusing GDP with economic progress. We are destroying entrepreneurial activity and eating our own children.
    Fitch , S&P and Moody’s are bouncers for the banking cartel. The economics of Rothschild’s Indian alchemist Manmohan and his gunslinger Montek is VULGAR pseudo science.
    DORKS , angrez ka aulads, and desh drohis shall lay off !
    Capt ajit vadakayil