Shri Modi

Shri Modi
Keeping In Touch 18/11/17

Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily Incidents,Analysis,Reasons,Possible Solutions

      I was astonished that,many Daily Incidents are ignored.On the surface they may look innocuous,but may be False Flags and have deep impact,on the Society,Nation etc.On a National level.,Globalists seem to have succeeded to some extent,as M M Singh,a suspected PLANT of the Rothschilds,is favouring the latter in particular and the Globalists in general.On the whole,Bilderberg seems to have tightened its grip on the Indira Congress party.
      Having understood,what is going on in the International level,let me NOTE,ANALYSE and COME OUT with possibly REASONS and REMEDIES,for incidents occurring daily and seem harmless.......

1.Petrol price hiked by Paise 70/Litre.from 00=00 Hrs,24/7/2012 This,is, generally, done,before and after Parliament Sessions,but NOT DURING Parliamnetary Sessions
REASON:-HUBRIS of the Indira Congress party and the Oil Marketing Cos,as the so-called,"UNDER-RECOVERIES" and the losses due to the same,are IMAGINARY.
2.Pranab Mukherjea to be sworn in on 25/7/2012 11=30 am.He, seems to be a slave of Bilderberg,like the Indira Congress party.
                     He will favour the Indira Congress party during critical moments,like CORRUPTION exposure etc.

3.Many incidents have started occurring,as Elections are approaching.Minorities are reported to be ill-treated,by misusing False Flags,creating INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS,from the desired Group/s.Their aim seems to be to besmear Hindus,to gain the vote of the,by misusing the Media later  
False Flags Routes in India:-
Italian Congress party + CIA+Bilderberg ->various Clubs,NGOs->their contacts with mala fide intentions[insiders] who have infiltarted the desired groups,like Hindus->The desired false Flag,like Minorities oppression etc,besmearing Hindus.....
To be continued.........

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