Shri Modi

Shri Modi
Keeping In Touch 18/11/17

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


1.Akilesh Yadav FDI,ONLY if Farmers are protected.
One MSM site,captioned,"Akilesh Yadav NOT against FDI in retail".
Media is controlled,by the Indira Congress party.
2.Anthony leads EoGM in NG.
  The Italian Woman is appointing persons belonging to her own Community,in Ministries, Bureaucracies and Committes!!!
3.Telenor scales down India operations from 13 to 9 circles.
Corruption,reduces investment,due to loss of confidence,as "anything" can happen and the investors may incur,LOSSES.
4.Traders to observe Quit FDI on 9th August.
M M Singh tries for "manufactured", consensus,in FDI,typical of his masters,,like the nuke deal.
5.NCP will withdraw from UPA, if demands are not met.
6.Petroleum Ministry set to move CCEA for raising LPG, diesel and kerosene prices.
Remedies actually needed,but DELIBERATELY,being ingpored are:-
i)the HUGE STIMULI started from 2008,should be stopped.
ii)The LIE,"under-recoveries" claimed by the OMCs have to be stopped.This was started ONLY in 2005,after M M Singh became PM in 2004.From 2005,HUGE amounts are spirited away,from the National Exchequer,every year.Where are these foing?Is this a SCAM?
7. Syria :situation,grave.indian GFamilies and Embassy to be evacuated
9.32 dead  in Assam Communal Riots.1 Lakh homeless.
Anything,like this is simply,;pathetic.Is this a diversion? Neighboring Country,involved?When Elections approach,creating,incidents,showing the Minorities,as victims,is a,routine False Flag.One hopes,this is not one such.
10.M M Singh is selling India to Rothschilds.
1.The PMO,of M M Singh, was,reportedly,LOBBIED{BRIBED] for Rs 52 CRORES by Wal-Mart and Rs 1 CRORE by Starbucks.THIS IS CORRUPTION.
2.The pricing of petroleum products,by the OMCs,and the claim of "under-recoveries" to the tune of Rs 1,38,000 CRORES[for the Fiscal 2011/12],is CORRUPTION.Annually,similar amounts are spirited away from the National Exchequer,from ONLY 2005.Where does this amount the so called,"under-recoveries" are IMAGINARY?
i)In the pricing of petroleum products,Singapore benchmark is used and the Currency is US Dollars,though refining is done in India.the pricing should be in RUPEES and the basis should be Total refining Cost,of each petroleum product.This is more UNETHICAL,as the per capita income of Indians,[essentially,the majority],is very low.
ii)In the said pricing in item i),LANDED COST is misused,as though,the petroleum products WERE IMPORTED.THIS AMOUNTS TO CORRUPTION.
3.The Fiscal Deficit,seems to have been kept DELIBERATELY HIGH,from 2009,for  ushering in anti-India and pro-MNC policies.THIS IS NOT ONLY CORRUPTION but TREASON too!This can be EASILY reduced,by:-
i)Stopping the LIE called "under-recoveries"
ii)The STIMULUS,to the rich  Oligarchs,worth Lakhs of CRORES,from 2008,per year,is MERE SUBSIDY to the RICH and has to be STOOPED.Such expenditure should be FOR  profit-making NEW PSUs,thus increasing employment.But M M Singh is bent on destroying the PSUs and Privatization and Divestment,which is NOT required at all,and is in fact,TRANSFER OF NATIONAL WEALTH,to Private players,Indian and Foreign.THIS IS NOT ONLY CORRUPTION,BUT TREASON,AS WELL. 
4.M M Singh is following the diktat of and favouring Rothschilds.THIS IS TREASON and PARTIALITY.
  Please google for:-
1.M M Singh and the Rothschilds
2.M M Singh the economic hitman
3.The Rorhschilds
4.Shell India
5.Vikram Singh Mehta to leave Shell India in October
6.Some strange coincidences regrading under-recoveries
7.Unethical pricing of petroleum products in India

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