Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Greatest Joke Of The 21st Century:- India A "Future",Super Power

  To predict that India will be a Superpower,of course,as a lackey of the USA,is perhaps,the greatest joke of the 21st Century,or even of all-times,as the Americans,have a penchant for saying. The reasons to the contrary are quite obvious:-
1.High illiteracy and abject Poverty,among the majority.

2.India has no answer,as of now,to China's taunts,with repeated incursions in the border areas,and leaving marks,as to their presence in the Indian territories.
3.Corruption and selling the nation,to the International Bankers and other Globalists,thus making the Nation lose her Sovereignty.
4.An UNELECTED Technocrat,a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome,and suspected to be planted by the IMF and the Rothschilds,as PM,who had openly recommended that nations lose their Sovereignty,in an International Conference On Federalism,in New Delhi,in 2007.The Chairperson,who is suspected to be planted by the erstwhile USSR and the Opus Dei, and the PM do not have any political,diplomatic or psychological skills and a National will,except targetting the main opposition party,the BJP.Kashmir,Telengana,the Maoists and the North East Terror have exposed the Congress party,in its inept anti-national ways of,handling  the situations,which are extremely dangerous.
5.A leadership which uses the Minorities, to divide the nation on pseudo-secular and caste basis.This is a trick of the Globalists in their agenda for forming ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.
6.National interests are sacrificed by the ruling head of the coalition,in major,economic and Foreign policy decisions.
To be continued........                                                                                                                        

Obama's Visit:-India's Congress Party Leaders Jittery

   The Congress leaders are shaking in their boots as Obama starts his India visit shortly.The main reason may be,that the US Prez's Democratic Party may not do well in the Elections and hence Obama may be in a very bad mood and may resort to unreasonable demands from the Congress party leaders,to increase his ratings in the USA,which seems to have plummeted,so that US businesses will have a field day plundering India,a la the East India Company.Already Wal-Mart and the Yale University,the home of the dreaded "Skull And Bones",and a front of the CIA have conquered India by having secured agreements in their respective areas.In the so-called "Indo -US Nuclear Deal",India has conceded so much,after undergoing a lot of bullying by the USA,that MM Singh,had to continuously humiliate the Indian Parliament and lie constantly to the Citizens of the Nation.The pace with which the so-called "reforms" (read anti-India Policies,diktats of the IMF,the Western business etc),shows that the Congress party does not have the interest of the nation at heart.But this has to be,as MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist body,and has even recommended that nations should lose their Sovereignty/ies,in an International Conference on Federalism in New Delhi,in 2007.With such a "leader",who is UNELECTED,and a Technocrat,India has,but only a very dark future.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

UPA's Tail Between Its Legs As China Whips India From All Sides

China Toys With India:- 

It is difficult to know whether China's anger against India,or her psychological ploy is misplaced or not.But the latter is employing subtle psychological tricks to show India who is the boss.At present,the poor UPA "leaders",can only "request",China to do certain "favours",as the Mongolian nation,is ahead of India in all counts.While China goes about whipping India,the latter's businessmen are placing huge orders with Chinese Cos!And the turbines provided by a Chinese Co to Durgapur Steel Plant are not working!The latest order includes turbines too!
Can there be greater fools than Indians?Or has China psyched India to do any of her biddings?
To be continued.....

The Inimitable, Nuclear Singh

MM Singh,considers himself a Hero,though he is UNELECTED.He is always on the lookout for a Nuclear deal.So far, deals have been signed with Russia,France,Canada and of course the USA,though a few hitches remain with Uncle Sam.

During the visit of Obama,they are expected to be ironed out,mostly in favour of the the US businessmen,despite the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984..Many with Japan,South Korea and the UK are in the offing.MM Singh will defend his "Nuclear Deals",with zest,in the Indian Parliament,but leave the argument on other issues to the likes of Pranab Mukherjee.
Hence its is very apt to call him,"Nuclear Singh" or "Nuclear Deal Singh"