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      Mind Control techniques are mainly used for espionage,assassinations[creating a Manchurian Candidate] etc,by Governments and their agencies.This has been debased and misused to make Humans worse than animals.The Horror is simply unimaginable and movies like The Planet Of the Apes,Dracula[this is a propaganda for Satanism],are in fact,PREDICTIVE Programming.
      On a religious and personal level,Mind Control has been used for personal enlightenment and Personality Improvement and Enhancement.Thus Yoga,with its Pranayam,and Chantings with their Gayathri and other "Mantras",have had enormous Social and personal benefits.This holds good for similar practices in other religions too.Fasting by Jains and Buddhists is of very great significance,which prepares one to be able to face situations where food,water etc are scarce and increases the STRENGTH of one's mind and the Moral values.
      But this article mainly,focuses on the ill effects of modern-day Mind Control techniques used MAINLY by the Globalists,Governments and their Agencies["controlled",{what's that  again?}, by the Globalists] to shatter lives and nations,to usurp power in the latter.
                 Misusing the Media to spread lies is a notorious but effective, form of mind control.POLLS,as mentioned, are a very effective Predictive Programming Tool.Exit Polls etc,are especially,used,along with the Fraudulent EVMs.Other POLLS are misused for conditioning,accepting a certain requirement by the vested interests.
                While this is the same as Propaganda,it uses subtle psychology too.Can be visual or non-visual,with the former having more effect.

Predictive Programming Misusing Movies,Video Games etc for Subtle Suggestions.

  Hollywood is reported to be doing this.
         In India Cinema is suspected to be used as very powerful tool to attack Hindus,their traditions and customs,by the Globalists.For example a Hindu Woman,possibly of Upper caste, would be shown as smoking.Various other techniques are, probably,being used to spread immorality,a pessimistic Future etc.
It is also being misused to suppress the sublime Classical Music of India.
     This is a method of using SUGGESTIONS though audio,video,newspapers and other media to program or condition the masses to accept a Future Situation in favour of and desired by the PROGRAMMER.It is generally DECEPTIVE and BASED on A LIE or LIES,as otherwise there is no need to use the same.The PROGRAMMER fears that in the NORMAL course,the outcome will be AGAINST him in a FAIR contest like ELECTIONS WITHOUT EVMs, etc.The so-called EXIT POLLS are also a sort of PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING

15th,16th April 2013:-
                                  Saw Matrix and Starwars,Twilight Part I
                                  Matrix the following are the "ideas" implanted in the "minds" of viewers:-
i)One of the Main characters has the name MORPHEUS or MORPH US,which means Man-Machine interface,by MORPHING US!!!.
ii)Machines multiply like clones.
iii)The Machine says that VIRUSES will be used to DEPOPULATE,after complaining that Human Beings are the problem and hence the "HIGH"[?] population!!!
iv)The name of the place where most of the events take place is "ZION"!!!!This place is shown respect!!!!
     Star wars uses the following:-
i)The projection of USA's views.
ii)Clones used for battles[Drones,Robots etc]
iii)One World Totalitarian Government,by not allowing other Galaxies to secede from the Republic!
iv)Futuristic Cities and Space Travel
v)Genetic Modification or GMO and DNA
Cartoons of the 80s showed what is happening today.Illuminati Agenda?

Mind Control,through fashion etc.
Mind Control through Cybernetics[Implanting chips in the brain,and controlling the person, through a Computer and Satellites]
Monarch programming to produce Mind Controlled slaves.
To be continued......