Friday, December 30, 2011

Indira congress Party Blames Others!!

Indira Congress Party blames the BJP for Its Faults!! This has been the trend always,with no due diligence on the part of the UPA.Some examples:-
1.2 G spectrum scam for Rs 1.7 Lakh Crores.NDA blamed.
2.Coal Block Allocation scam for at least Rs 26 lakh Crores.The NDA blamed.
3.Petrol price rise.BJP/NDA blamed.Actually there is no need for deregulation of Petrol prices and price raises as the OMC PSUs are making profits.
4.Air India,a profitable PSU, purchases 111 Aircrafts resulting in LOSSES.NDA blamed for taking the decision.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Satanic Signs?

Note how different MM Singh's hand is.What does this suggest?
1.He is not a member of the Indira Congress party,but  Club Of Rome.
2.he is above the Indira Congress party members.
The one above is CLEARLY a Satanic Sign of the Globalists.
To be continued........

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Indian media Under the Control of the Globalists.

Note:-79 year-old M M Singh is a Globalist member,Club Of Rome. and the Italian Woman is reported to be PLANTED by the erstwhile USSR and Opus Dei.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Indira Congress party UNPOPULAR!

The Indira Congress party loses Hisar LS and  3 assembly Elections.Loses deposit in Hisar and Daraunda,Bihar.Defeated in Khadakvasla and Banswada in Andhra.BJP and its allies win in Hisar and Khadakvasla,while JD wins in Bihar and TRS on Banswada.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Indira Congress party Always Dubs Anna Hazare as a RSS Stooge!!

   The Indira Congress party is always dubbing Anna Hazare as a RSS stooge,as if RSS is bad.But its is actually the Indira Congress party which is:-
1.Communal,especially after the Italian Woman "became" the "leader".Many important appointments are offered,ONLY,to persons of her Community.While J.Nehru,a Hindu,had a Christian Secretary,the Italian Woman is also having a Christian Secretary.To assure others that she and her party are NOT Communal a Hindu should be her Secretary.But she will not accept a Hindu.
2.The Indira congress party is "pro-Minority' for various reasons.
i.The Minority Votes are assured.
ii.The Indira congress party contains mainly the Minorities,after the dissolved Indian Muslim League's seeming  merger with the same.
iii.There are reports on the net that she had encouraged the Conversion of a lot of non-Christians in India to Christianity,by using her "Dictatorial"powers to help and extricate from Legal trouble, many Evangelists,like Ron Watts, proselytizing in India,illegally.
                                                   The Italian Woman With Ron Watts
iv.She denigrated Lord Ram,by uttering the word Ram,in a very special way,which even seemed contemptuous,a few years back in Gujarat,during an election campaign.
3.The Indira congress party always attacks Hindus,by even calling them,"saffron terrorists".Home Minister Chidambaram did exactly this not long ago but also praised the Jesuists,which was not at all NEEDED, in the context  at all...
4.But the Christian Terrorists in the North East and the Christian supported Maoists are not called,"White terrorists" or "Red terrorists',not even, terrorists at all.It is reported that the Church in India;-Support the Maoists and Christian terrorists.
5.While "reservation" is recommended for the two Minorities cunningly and wrongly,coupling them with SC/ST,which is not correct at all,the UPPER CASTE POOR AMONG THE HINDUS gave no RESERVATION,as they do not have sufficient number of votes to influence the higher ups.
6.MM Singh is a Globalist.member,Club Of Rome,and strongly
pro-minority".he is suspected to be PLANTED by the Super-Globalists,the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank.Globalists aim is ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,which is against NATIONALISM.Now the Majority of a nation will be Nationalists,in India's case The HINDUS.RSS is also Nationalistic.This is why the Indira Congress party,led by Globalist MM Singh, always accuses the RSS as Communal,and Hindus as anti-Minority and anti-Dalits.
     Now having come to know and established why the Indira congress party is against the BJP etc,it is noteworthy that actually it is the "Communal", Indira Congress party which is "Pseudo-Secular".
     Another important reason why the Indira Congress party is Communal,especially,under the so called "leadership" [It is actually DICTATORSHIP] of the Italian Woman,is that the CHURCHES in India and possibly abroad,Vatican etc,also,support her,based purely on Religion,while some Hindus DO Vote for the Indira Congress party,despite being led by a Christian.There are also very strong  suspicions of EVMs hacking,biased EC,CIA involvement in favour of the Indira Congress party.
    The one thing the arrogant Indira Congress party cunningly fails to admit is its mega-Corruption,in which all its TOP "leaders" are suspected to be involved.And MM Singh bluffs,which even a child can find out.
  Thus instead of blaming ANNA as a stooge or MASK of any political party or religious group,it will be better for the nation,if the Indira Congress party mends its mega-Corrupt,DICTATORIAL,anti-National and anti-poor, ways,by introspection and CLEANING the DIRT within....But it tries to cling to Power though GUILTY,thus making itself a laughing stock worthy of all contempt each passing day.
To be continued....

MM Singh did not even have Rs 2 lakhs in 1999.....Kushwant Singh

MM Singh did not even have Rs 2 lakhs in 1999.....Kushwant Singh.Fast forward.....In 2011 the former has more than Rs 5 Crores property.
       Mm Singh entered Rajya Sabha from Assam.No mention of his owning any House or other property there. 

News:-Indira Congress party says Anna is the Mask of "Communal Forces".

Monday, October 10, 2011

UPA proposes SAARC Powergrid!

  In April this the UPA proposed a SAARC Powergrid,for "integrating" the entire SAARC region!A few days back,MM Singh also talked about "integrating" the economy of Afghanistan with those of India and South East Asia.
  Why the word," integration" is being used?Because the Globalists want to usher in One World Totalitarian Government.The EU,which is failing now,started with such a Monetary Union of "economic integration" ,called the "European Common Market".
  Now MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,strongly suspected to have been PLANTED by the Super Globalist the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank,where he had worked earlier. He still wants a type of Common Market here.he has been trying a lot to make the borders,among neighbours "irrelevant",an idea of the Globalists.
     Day by day,MM Singh is proving to be a very great danger to Sovereign India.
To be continued.........

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Majority Hindus Suffer in "Secular India".

1.Secularism in India, is a joke and this is exploited by all and sundry apart from Hindus to humiliate Hindus in India.
2.Hindu Temples are under Government control, but Mosques and Churches are not.
       Unfair,illegal and unfair Governmental control of Hindu Temples.  
3.Gladio type operations are carried out to make Hindus look anti-Minority and anti-Dalits.


4.The following,recent events are strongly suspected to be Gladio-clones,to malign Hindus,the BJP.Cui Bono?The Indira Congress party,as all the events have happened in BJP-,JD- and BSP-ruled States.
x.Pratapgrah and many others.
       These are suspected to be False Flags for Elections[most events have occurred before Lok Sabha and Assembly,Elections] and the proposed Communal Violence Bill which will favour the Indira Congress party,in many ways like usurping powers misusing False Flags like the ones mentioned above.

To be continued....

Saturday, September 3, 2011


      The first question is:-Who will be interested in  any thing,let alone Depopulation,or Cui Bono?
1.Those who find the population a hindrance to their agenda.
2.Those whose population is LESS.Who are they?
3.Those who will GAIN by the same.
        In item 1,come the Governments and hence the Elites who have usurped Power,to become rich,but Pension and Social Security[and any other form of doling out money to those deserve the same like the Physically Challenged,Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of India etc] are very big hindrances,standing in the way of their Loot.So those eligible for the same have to be done away with!
To be continued......

Monday, August 8, 2011

Creating Labels For the Pages Section In Blogger.

This problem was haunting me for a very longtime,as I have some very good articles[from my perspective],in my pages section.And I'm not into the technical side of the Computer Software or Hardware.
I solved it,in the following way:-
1.Started a new post.
2.Mentioned almost all the tags I wanted in the pages section,in this post,asking the visitor to view the PAGES section.
3.Added all the tags,to the tags box, of this post.

Mind Control,Predictive Programming,movies,Nadaswaram,Thavil,Vedic Hymns,Songs etc view the pages section.

For Mind Control,predictive programming,movies,Nadaswaram,Thavil,Vedic Hymns,songs,the plight of Hindu temples, etc view the pages section.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

US Rating Downgraded!

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the US government’s ‘AAA’ sovereign credit rating.India's EXPORTS to suffer!


Delhi CM Indicted along the PMO,DIRECTLY, in the CWG Scam.

Delhi CM Indicted along the PMO,DIRECTLY, in the CWG Scam.
That is MM Singh is INDICTED DIRECTLY by the CAG!
Is the Italian Woman in the USA to garner support?