Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Indian Religions

  One may or may not believe in Religion.The basis of Religion is THE SOCIETY.These Religions,especially,Indian ones,care for the Society,Plants,Animals...in short the whole World,stressing on good behaviour,"values",NON-VIOLENCE etc.
    This is where,the Indian Religions,especially,Hinduism,Jainism,  Buddhism,and the sub-sects of these,in LOCAL practices, score heavily.
   Since the aim is on good values,almost all parts of these religions are worthy of being followed, from a Social perspective.                        Yoga,Ayurveda,the Upanishads,the ITHIHASAS,Ramayana,Mahabhrarat, Bhgavad Gita,and other Literary productions are,but some of the examples.
   Hence PRAYER,has tremendous POWER due to "AUTO-SUGGESTION" and hence SELF-HYPNOSIS.I am providing some,"Mantras",which have appealed to me at random.