Thursday, December 27, 2012

M M Singh Takes Decisions On The DIKTAT Of His Globalist-Masters!

  From 2004 onwards many decisions affecting many Indians have been taken by M M Singh,├ís per the recommendations of the Panels and Committees,APPOINTED BY HIMSELF"!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

M M Singh Becomes A DICTATOR!

M M Singh has made himself the Head of the cabinet Committee On/For Investment,even though there are, separate  Miniseries meant for such things.By ignoring such Ministries he has become a Dictator.And he is NOT even elected by popular vote!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Real PM Of India?

The following photo from THIS link is very interesting and alarming too,as there is no accountability!Look how helpless,embarrassed and foolish,[the cunning and dangerous], M M Singh looks!

Will be updated.....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chacko Says M M Singh is HONEST....

Despite Media reports,to the contrary,especially in the 2 G spectrum scam.Chacko JPC Head supports M M Singh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Suspected "PLANTS" Have No Retirement!

  While one can understand a professional politician who has been one all along,it is baffling that "some PLANTS",by Foreigners can leave their job and continue to work in the GOI with NO Retirement. This was posted on 17/10/2012.As if on cue[telepathy?],former Army Chief,echoes my sentiments as reported on 19/10/2012!
1.M M Singh.
     A suspected PLANT from his UNCTAD days,this person is destroying India and handing her over to the international bankers.

2.Nandan Nilekani
       This man is in charge of UID and is having a close connection with the Yale University,a reported front of the CIA.
3.Montek Singh Ahuliwalia
      A clone of M M Singh........
To be continued.........

Sunday, October 14, 2012


  There is a lot of mention about the JPC as regards the 2 G Spectrum Scam.Here's a list of the precious JPCs and what they ACHIEVED!
An excerpt from the link above:-
"JPC's so far

The first[5] was instituted to inquire into the Bofors contract on a motion moved by then defence minister K C Pant in the Lok Sabha on August 6, 1987. The Rajya Sabha endorsed it a week later. The committee, headed by B Shankaranand, held 50 sittings and gave its report on April 26, 1988. Opposition parties boycotted the committee on the ground that it was packed with Congress members. The JPC report was tabled in Parliament, but it was rejected by the Opposition.
The second investigative JPC, headed by former Union minister and senior Congress leader Ram Niwas Mirdha, was set up to probe Irregularities in Securities and Banking Transactions in the aftermath of the Harshad Mehta scandal. The motion was moved by then minister for parliamentary affairs Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Lok Sabha on August 6, 1992. The Rajya Sabha concurred with it the next day. The recommendations of the JPC were neither accepted in full nor implemented.
The third investigative JPC was assigned to probe the market scam. Then parliamentary affairs minister Pramod Mahajan piloted a motion in the Lok Sabha on April 26, 2001, to put it in place. Senior BJP member Lt Gen Prakash Mani Tripathi (retd) was named the chairman. The committee held 105 sittings and gave its report on December 19, 2002. The committee recommended sweeping changes in stock market regulations. However, many of these recommendations were diluted later.
The fourth JPC was set up in August 2003 to look into pesticide residues in soft drinks, fruit juice and other beverages and to set safety standards. The committee, headed by NCP chief Sharad Pawar, held 17 sittings and submitted its report to Parliament on February 4, 2004. The report confirmed that soft drinks did have pesticide residues and recommended stringent norms for drinking water.
The fifth JPC has been constituted in February 2011 to probe 2G scam. It is headed by P.C.Chacko. It will have 30 members.[6]"

Will be continued...... 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

M M Singh's Economics: How To Bankrupt India And Hand Her Over To My Masters....

1.Puppet of the IMF and World BankThe aim is to BANKRUPT India,make her lose her Sovereignty[by Divestment out of PSUs etc],and hand her over to MY Masters...TALK ABOUT CONSENSUS....
2.Hence on their diktat,KEEP the Fiscal Deficit HIGH.......This is the first step,to BANKRUPT India....
3.Wreck,the CAD and BOP.......
4.Ask rating Agencies [ one of the many vested interests], to downgrade
5.Use Media hype,Blitz etc with "experts"...... Misuse all and sundry....KEEP THE MEDIA UNDER CONTROL.
6.Ask RBI,the Oligarchs with their many Associations,to repeat the hype mentioned in item,5, above...
7.Never enter into a no-holds-barred Press Meet.
8.Foreign vested interests will be on hand controlling State CMs etc.....
9.Accept "lobbying"....
10.Foreign espionage Agencies will be resorting to False Flags when needed...
11.Image will be given a boost by MY Foreign Masters.
12.Resort to LIES and openly anti-India polices,like "under-recoveries" of the OMCs started in India from 2005.
13.Convert India into a Foreigners-based economy.that is FIIs- and FDI- based Economy.THIS WILL HAND OVER Control OF THE INDIAN RUPEE FROM THE RBI TO THE FOREIGNERS.
14.Make those who oppose look idiotic,like Mamata Bannerjee Ji,is being besmeared. mealier it was,Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav.
15.ANNOUNCE anti-India and pro-MNC polices,IN A DICTATORIAL FASHION!!!
Will be updated.......

M M Singh the PUPPET And Darling Of The Globalists!

M M Singh pulls off the decisions of his masters,Bilderberg, IMF,World Bank,Rothschild etc,regularly despite very strong protests from the people...And knowing that this will bankrupt India...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swedish Party Offers Money To Dissidents.

RIP.Signor Oswaldo Paya
Swedish party, offering,about, Euros 4000 is disturbing and is interference in the internal affairs of Cuba.They may be resorting to this, in many other nations too.That includes.India too.
Cuban Citizen Signor Oswaldo Paya killed in car crash.Two European diplomats were with him.They were to hand over to him about 4000 Euros.
      In this context,NGOs getting money from Foreign nations or political parties should be banned.
To be continued.......

Saturday, July 28, 2012


1.In Assam M M Singh,tells the victims, "IT's TIME FOR HEALING"!!!He did not sent Army to Assam for 2  FULL days.......
2.Agitation in Haryana against the proposed,Indian[that is,INDIGENOUS] Nuclear Plant.4 units of 700MW   each.NPCIL and Local Adminitration resorted to fake meeting[cheating],but did not succeed,due to Opposition by local Farmers. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


1.Bangla Desh's minority immighrants creating problems in Assam.But UPA denies.
2.RBI introduces new category of NBFCs.
3.GNFC does away eith Vsat and ISP Gateway business.
4.Massive corruption in China.
5.Tax adjustments creates higher and lower prices for petroelum products in various States.M M Singh should be grinning!
To be continued......

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


1.Akilesh Yadav FDI,ONLY if Farmers are protected.
One MSM site,captioned,"Akilesh Yadav NOT against FDI in retail".
Media is controlled,by the Indira Congress party.
2.Anthony leads EoGM in NG.
  The Italian Woman is appointing persons belonging to her own Community,in Ministries, Bureaucracies and Committes!!!
3.Telenor scales down India operations from 13 to 9 circles.
Corruption,reduces investment,due to loss of confidence,as "anything" can happen and the investors may incur,LOSSES.
4.Traders to observe Quit FDI on 9th August.
M M Singh tries for "manufactured", consensus,in FDI,typical of his masters,,like the nuke deal.
5.NCP will withdraw from UPA, if demands are not met.
6.Petroleum Ministry set to move CCEA for raising LPG, diesel and kerosene prices.
Remedies actually needed,but DELIBERATELY,being ingpored are:-
i)the HUGE STIMULI started from 2008,should be stopped.
ii)The LIE,"under-recoveries" claimed by the OMCs have to be stopped.This was started ONLY in 2005,after M M Singh became PM in 2004.From 2005,HUGE amounts are spirited away,from the National Exchequer,every year.Where are these foing?Is this a SCAM?
7. Syria :situation,grave.indian GFamilies and Embassy to be evacuated
9.32 dead  in Assam Communal Riots.1 Lakh homeless.
Anything,like this is simply,;pathetic.Is this a diversion? Neighboring Country,involved?When Elections approach,creating,incidents,showing the Minorities,as victims,is a,routine False Flag.One hopes,this is not one such.
10.M M Singh is selling India to Rothschilds.
1.The PMO,of M M Singh, was,reportedly,LOBBIED{BRIBED] for Rs 52 CRORES by Wal-Mart and Rs 1 CRORE by Starbucks.THIS IS CORRUPTION.
2.The pricing of petroleum products,by the OMCs,and the claim of "under-recoveries" to the tune of Rs 1,38,000 CRORES[for the Fiscal 2011/12],is CORRUPTION.Annually,similar amounts are spirited away from the National Exchequer,from ONLY 2005.Where does this amount the so called,"under-recoveries" are IMAGINARY?
i)In the pricing of petroleum products,Singapore benchmark is used and the Currency is US Dollars,though refining is done in India.the pricing should be in RUPEES and the basis should be Total refining Cost,of each petroleum product.This is more UNETHICAL,as the per capita income of Indians,[essentially,the majority],is very low.
ii)In the said pricing in item i),LANDED COST is misused,as though,the petroleum products WERE IMPORTED.THIS AMOUNTS TO CORRUPTION.
3.The Fiscal Deficit,seems to have been kept DELIBERATELY HIGH,from 2009,for  ushering in anti-India and pro-MNC policies.THIS IS NOT ONLY CORRUPTION but TREASON too!This can be EASILY reduced,by:-
i)Stopping the LIE called "under-recoveries"
ii)The STIMULUS,to the rich  Oligarchs,worth Lakhs of CRORES,from 2008,per year,is MERE SUBSIDY to the RICH and has to be STOOPED.Such expenditure should be FOR  profit-making NEW PSUs,thus increasing employment.But M M Singh is bent on destroying the PSUs and Privatization and Divestment,which is NOT required at all,and is in fact,TRANSFER OF NATIONAL WEALTH,to Private players,Indian and Foreign.THIS IS NOT ONLY CORRUPTION,BUT TREASON,AS WELL. 
4.M M Singh is following the diktat of and favouring Rothschilds.THIS IS TREASON and PARTIALITY.
  Please google for:-
1.M M Singh and the Rothschilds
2.M M Singh the economic hitman
3.The Rorhschilds
4.Shell India
5.Vikram Singh Mehta to leave Shell India in October
6.Some strange coincidences regrading under-recoveries
7.Unethical pricing of petroleum products in India

Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily Incidents,Analysis,Reasons,Possible Solutions

      I was astonished that,many Daily Incidents are ignored.On the surface they may look innocuous,but may be False Flags and have deep impact,on the Society,Nation etc.On a National level.,Globalists seem to have succeeded to some extent,as M M Singh,a suspected PLANT of the Rothschilds,is favouring the latter in particular and the Globalists in general.On the whole,Bilderberg seems to have tightened its grip on the Indira Congress party.
      Having understood,what is going on in the International level,let me NOTE,ANALYSE and COME OUT with possibly REASONS and REMEDIES,for incidents occurring daily and seem harmless.......

1.Petrol price hiked by Paise 70/Litre.from 00=00 Hrs,24/7/2012 This,is, generally, done,before and after Parliament Sessions,but NOT DURING Parliamnetary Sessions
REASON:-HUBRIS of the Indira Congress party and the Oil Marketing Cos,as the so-called,"UNDER-RECOVERIES" and the losses due to the same,are IMAGINARY.
2.Pranab Mukherjea to be sworn in on 25/7/2012 11=30 am.He, seems to be a slave of Bilderberg,like the Indira Congress party.
                     He will favour the Indira Congress party during critical moments,like CORRUPTION exposure etc.

3.Many incidents have started occurring,as Elections are approaching.Minorities are reported to be ill-treated,by misusing False Flags,creating INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS,from the desired Group/s.Their aim seems to be to besmear Hindus,to gain the vote of the,by misusing the Media later  
False Flags Routes in India:-
Italian Congress party + CIA+Bilderberg ->various Clubs,NGOs->their contacts with mala fide intentions[insiders] who have infiltarted the desired groups,like Hindus->The desired false Flag,like Minorities oppression etc,besmearing Hindus.....
To be continued.........

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tata's Joke!China NOT enemy!

Ratan Tata the Indian oligarch, says China is NOT an enemy
But the following prove otherwise;-
1.China supports Pakistan
2.Contemptuously infiltrates into India any number of times,leaving signs of being infiltrated.
3..In Arunachal Pradesh creates problems.
4.Present in PoK.
5.Has opposed many efforts by India as regards Pakistan and its state-sponsored Islamic Terror against India.
To be continued

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

M M Singh Meets His Masters!

M M Singh Meets His Masters![Pun intended]
M M Singh has gone to meet his Masters, Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,Club Of Rome,Skull And Bones,Council On Foreign Relations,etc now [June,2012] in Mexico and Rio.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

PSU OMCs Raise The Price Of Petrol

News;-PSU OMCs raise the price of petrol by a whopping rs 7.54 per Litre,on 23/5/2012,and this has come into effect from 0000 Hrs IST,24/5/2012.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

PPP For Avoiding CAG Audit!!!

  The Oil Ministry does not want Government share to exceed 50% [by purchase of the shares held by the ADB] in Petronet to avoid audit by the CAG!And to avoid CVC too!
An excerpt from the link above:-
"If the ADB stake goes to state firms, PLL would come under scrutiny of official auditor CAG and CVC because of PSU holding exceeding 50 percent, something that the company and the ministry was opposed to."

Has India any hope under such a rule?
Note:-PPP share-holding pattern:-
Govt 48%,Private party 48% the rest by others.
To be continued......

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Conspiracy On India by The Globalists.

      Again Singhan and Murkh are the right characters to make this piece clear.
Murkh:-Singhan Sir,is there not a conspiracy to bankrupt India and usurp power?
Singhan;-[surprised] How did you know?
Murkh:-[grinning]He he he...,Though I am a murkh[fool in Hindi,Sankrit and many Indian languages],the association with you have made me a bit "sharp"!
Singhan:- [a bit worried]And my association with you has made me a murkh...I should have been careful with you....
Murkh:-[gaining in confidence]Who's this Rothschild?
Singhan[jumping up with shock as if,hit by a hammer on the head and surprised by the temerity of Murkh]What?!
Murkh:-About some Rothschild[s].....
Singhan[confused] er...I...don't know anything...
Murkh:-[grinning,as if he had caught Singhan in the act]You were claiming, exactly,the same thing in the 2 G spectrum scam and many others,as well.....
Singhan:-I don't know what you are talking about.
Murkh:-[grinning]You'll know when I explain things.What's this Eranda Foundation?
Singhan:-[squirming,caught red-handed, unexpectedly,has to tell the truth,but cunningly trying to dismiss it away]Oh.That's the one, which runs a Scholarship in my name, for Indian Students to study in Cambridge University....
Murkh:-[teasing]Of the Rothschilds....And you allowed them 100% FDI in LNG marketing,be the Advisers to the GOI for Divestment of the Indian PSUs and made them the e-Auctioneers in the 3 G Spectrum which gave then Rs 30.5 Crores commission....When you became PM of India in 2004..........And you are not even elected to the Lok Sabha.Your entry into the Rajya Sabha is also a reported FRAUD......
Singhan,cunningly, remains silent.......
Murkh:-[enjoying himself]And you allow only MNCs to prepare reports, Consultations and recommendations,contracts, for many other things.........
Singhan,still does not have any reply to Murkh's ferocious assault......
Murkh:-You are the Chairman of the Planning Commission and you are following the diktats of the World that the MNCs can be chosen for Water Supply By Indian Municipalities and be given contracts on PPP basis in the so-called "Infrastructure"....., reminding all of the Cochabamba Water War,in Bolivia,in 2000....
Singhan:-[his eyes shining with pride]I cannot say no to my Masters,who have made me what I am today.....
Murkh:-[crying] You denied me my Premiership..........though,you were working under me as a Bureaucrat..
Singhan:-[seizing his chance for one-upmanship]Past is prologue.Only the Present and Future matter...
Murkh:-What's present and what's Future?
Singhan:-[happy to have put Murkh on the defensive]The present is obeying the orders of my Masters,the World Bank,IMF and the Rothschilds.......
Murkh:-[still sobbing]And what are they?
Singhan:-[grinning at the chance to order Murkh about]
1.Keep the Fiscal Deficit HIGH and Inflation HIGH
2.Weaken the Rupee and hand over its control to the foreigners,my Masters from RBI's hands..
Murkh:-[confused,as he is a bit poor in economics]What'll it achieve?
Singhan:-[drawing himself to his full height,at a chance to exhibit his knowledge in economics]Item 1,above, will be misused by me and my Masters to usher in anti-India and pro-MNCs policies,like,FDI in retail,Aviation etc,in the short term and BANKRUPT India in the long term,which is the MAIN OBJECTIVE of my Masters......
Murkh:-[his eyes wide, with wonder at the knowledge of Singhan and his cunning anti-India ideas]And item 2 above?
Singhan;-[grinning at the foolish Murkh]Will be used to deregulate and  raise the Fuel prices,like petrol,Diesel etc,though some bloggers have found out my trick and are at me like tigers....A weak Rupee will also bankrupt India as its economy will collapse, fueled further by the rating agencies' negative grades...
To be continued..........

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

India Downgraded...Conspiracy For FDI,Diesel price deregulation...

 The Agency downgrades India.The PM,MM Singhan,[about 79 years old] and the FM,Pranavan Murkh[about 77 years old],met before this......and had a conversation....Singhan had earlier worked under Murkh as,a Bureaucrat,but now is his BOSS,due to a foreign force,Master of Singhan!
Murkh:-You look worried,Sir......
Singhan:-Ah!Murkh,its good that you came.The USA is pressing hard for :-
FDI in all sectors.PMO has even been lobbied to the tune of Rs 52 Crores by Wallah-Marten, and they are chasing me like hell.....I was able to offer single brand retail to Starsbuckster,though the lobbying amount with PMO was ONLY Rs 1 Crore...
Murkh:-This is child's play for me.Don't you remember,how I made a monkey of the Indian Left during the Indo-US Nuclear deal...?[Murkh laughs rolling on the ground,unable to control himself]
Singhan:-Murkh,I know that you are very cunning and a terrific actor to boot.How you strike angry poses,in recent times,as if the whole world is yours,though our party has made a mess of the national Economy and we are laughing stocks...!Especially during and after the recent Budget presentation,in March,this year.
Murkh:-I'm sure we will have the last laugh, though..we made a mess of what the previous party handed over to us:-A stable and strong economy.But your lack of laughter even when I was rolling on the ground, makes me very anxious...
Singhan:-The USA is demanding more from me....
Diesel and other Fuel price deregulation,so that their MNCs can LOOT India...
Murkh:-I hear that they mention something called,"under-recoveries'"...,in their reports...
Singhan:-Ah![Now it's the turn of Singhan to roll on the ground,laughing,unable to control himself...]When you mention.....[Singhan is unable to continue and rolls on the ground ;laughing uncontrollably...]....
Murkh:-[after sometime,to allow Singhan to regain control]..When I mention what?
Singhan:-When you mentioned "under-recoveries" I could not control myself.
Mutkh:-Anything vulgar,at this age?
Singhan:-Nothing of that sort.....[Again Singhan starts rolling on the ground laughing....]
Murkh allows him to laugh for a while,then ;-Well,what about...?
Singhan:-Well,you remember,I was lucky to become PM in 2004?
Murkh:-I do.You have previously worked under me as a Bureaucrat and suddenly you were my Boss...[Murkh starts crying like a baby]....
Singhan:-Murkh,please don't cry, it was not my fault.
Murkh:-[crying],yes I know,that even you were surprised by the appointment,as shown by your body language when you met the Press soon after the decision to make you PM was made..your body language told how you felt.You were very surprised...and you also felt POWERFUL,as you drew your chest up,held your hands behind your back..a very unusual but striking posture..
Singhan:-And you thought only,you can strike poses...
Murkh:-But we have this urgent matter of the Bully USA to attend to...
Singhan;-Oh!I completely forgot.Where were we?
Murkh:-We were talking about under-recoveries.
Singhan:-So in 2004 ,I was lucky to become the PM of India.......In same year I was fortunate to get my Master 100% FDI in LNG marketing in India.......
Murkh:-But I hear that the Indian OMCs use under-recoveries to claim LOSSES, ....
Singhan;-Do you know from when the Indian OMC start MISUSING under-recoveries?
Murkh:-[jumps, as if struck by a hammer,due to shock]OMCs misusing under-recoveries?No.
Sanghan:-[smiling in an evil manner,almost grinning]Yes, misusing,from 2004.
Murkh:-Oh! now I get it.In 2004,you became PM,your master started his LNG Marketing Co,Ghell India, and the OMCs started MISUSING the under-recoveries......
Singhan:-Which they have NOT even used till then, in their reports[says seriously,as he remembers his Master]  and I had my master's spy PLANTED as Advisor to the Ministry Of Petroleum and Natural Gas,for 4 years....he... he.. he....
Murkh:-This means the OMCs are profitable and NOT "LOSS-MAKING"...And your Master PLANTED you in Indian political circles and corridors of Power and you PLANTED yours Master's spy...CEO of Ghell India, Mr.Kikarm Bingh Lehta.....he..he..he...That's great!You are much more cunning than me..
Singhan:-Yes,Murkh...That's why I am your BOSS now,though I was merely a Bureaucrat under you he he he....And the "under-recovery" concept was passed on from My Master by Kikram Bingh Lehta to the Ministry Of Petroleum And Natural Gas and thro' them to the OMCs....
Murkh:-That's highly villainous of you....So the petrol price deregulation and price raises have to be rolled back.......
Singhan:-Lets have a last ditch effort..
Murkh:-Like what?
Singhan:-[his eyes shining and grinning] Remember what I did in 1991?
Murkh:-[admiring Singhan]Even a child knows what you pulled off,for the sake of your masters.....You bankrupted India with DELIBERATE anti-India polices along with the IMF.....
Singhan:-Why can't we try it again?
Murkh:-[laughing]O.K.the rating agency
[Both start laughing rolling on the ground]
On 25/4/2012 India, is downgraded by a rating agency....
To be continued....