Saturday, February 26, 2011

India co-chair Of Asia Pacific FATF

  India has been made co-chair of Asia Pacific Financial Action Task Force.India's Finance Minister,Praanb Mukherjee claims that,India will be sending an important message to money-laundering and financing of terrorism.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Devas scam.Forge Advisors Not Real?
     On clicking on this link,no site comes up.Another "forging",in the Devas/ISRO/Antrix 'deal'?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Con Artist MM Singh claims 7/10 for UPA 2!!!

While having a "controlled" meeting with Editors of TV Stations,this month[16/2/2011],Con Artist MM Sigh claimed 7/10 for his Government.
Let's see whether his claims are that of a normal person,or a Con Artist or a mad man.
1.Kashmir and Telengana problems  allowed to escalate to divert the attention from the various scams that follow.[-2 points/10].
2.ISRO/Antrix/Devas scam.[-5]
3.2 G spectrum scam.[-3]
4.Adarsh Society scam.[-8]
5.CWG scam and non-payment to Foreign Cos.[-20],and it is a National shame.
6.Maoists on the rampage.No reaction from the UPA at the Centre.[-10]
7.Lack of Governance.[-30].
8.Inflation high as all nations have printed notes liberally.The purchasing power of the Rupee has fallen by about 40% in the last two years.[-60].
9.Food grains allowed to rot while the poor starve.The SC recommended supplying these to the poor FREE.Con Artist does not agree saying the poor cannot be given these "FREE".Not even ROTTEN food!!![-100]
10.Trinamul Congress party,a Coalition partner has OPEN friendship with the Maoists.Thus the UPA itself is a TERRORIST.[-200].
11.Railways running on LOSS.[-20]
12.The Congress party is dividing the nation on Communal lines[-200].
      Many anti-National policies of Globalist MM Singh,member,Club Of Rome have not been mentioned at all. 

Dictator And Con Artist MM Singh.

  Con Artist MM Singh recently met with the Editors of some TV Stations.Some observations:-
Note:-Dharma = Duty
          Adharma = Wrong path.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The UPA Has Nothing But Contempt For India.

The UPA Has Nothing But Contempt For India.For the probe for the ISRO scam,two persons having conflict of interest are the members of the Committee meant for the same.How's this for the temerity and contempt of the UPA for India?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

National Aluminium Co,Board has approved Bonus of 1:1.Stock,Rs 10/=,to be split into 5 of Rs 2/= each. shares

National Aluminium Co,Board has approved Bonus of 1:1.Stock of face value,Rs 10/=,to be split into 5 of Rs 2/= each. shares,subject to approval of the Share holders in the general body meeting. The stock rose 6% after this announcement,in a falling market.CMP Rs 402/=