Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interview With Misanthropes Kill and Enda Hates Foundation.

Interview With Misanthropes Kill and Enda Hates Foundation.
LSOL:-Good Morning Mr and Mrs  Kill and Enda Hates.
Both:-With a sneer,How dare you mutter anything "good' to the Misanthropes!!
LSOL:-Sorry.How many children and women you intend to kill this year?
Both:-That's a nice question,we being Satanists and Depopulators.The mention of children reminds us of the taste of the blood of newborns!!
LSOL:-But the answer.....
Both:-To your question is obvious.As many as possible as the target for optimum Global population is 2 Billion and India has already 1.3 Billion.
LSOL:-That gives me a fair....
Both:-Don't use such words in front of Globalists,satanists and misanthropes!And that's an order!!!
LSOL:-Sorry.That gives me an idea as to what you two are up to in India.
Both:-All these killings are for the Common "good" of the Globalists of the World........So that there will be few to compete with us Globalist satanists,for land,Wealth,Gold,Silver etc....
LSOL:-How do you DEPOPULATE and yet are not hanged so far,for the crime?
Both;-Oh!That's quite simple and requires one to be a little diabolical,as expected of Satanists.

One scenario in which DEPOPULATION is carried out misusing vaccines.
1.Decide to eliminate a certain percentage,say,5%,of the total children/people,to be vaccinated.
 2.Use 5% SPURIOUS Vaccines.
3.Target the weak like the Tribals or a particular ethnic group who cannot fight back and who do not have representation of any sort.
4.Vaccinate them with the SPURIOUS samples. When deaths or convulsions[first symptoms of Epilepsy]occur,,use the excuse that the other 95% are SAFE!!!Hence something is wrong with the victims themselves and NOT the "SPURIOUS" Vaccines at all.
5.Thus make monkeys of the people and continue the mass murder gradually[Gradualism is a method used by the Globalists,of which MM Singh is one, being member of Club Of Rome,a body,one of whose MAIN AIMS is DEPOPULATION]!!!.....

To be continued.........