Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is the USA powerful because of ?

1.Its unfair banking practices?Less or no REGULATION/S citing free market forces.When deregulated a system tends towards lawlessness.This is what has happened to the US Banking and Businesses.Enron,Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill and the Lehmann Brothers along with the Global Financial crisis in 2008 are examples.Globalists try to spread DEREGULATION or LAWLESSNESS, throughout the World using Globalization,so that they need not care for the laws of any nation,and loot the whole World,to form/while forming,One World Totalitarian Government.And the irony is that the Globalists call these bad,anti-national and anti-people policies,"REFORMS"!!!!

2.The International Bankers who own the US Federal Reserve?
3.Printing Notes with no backing by tangibles?To meet the expenditures involved in its Space programmes,Wars,CIA and other espionage activities, and maintaining bases around the World,to name a few important ones.
  The USA has defaulted at least twice before,by:-
i. Roosevelt in the 30s
ii.Nixon in the 70s.

Suppressing the price of Gold and Silver to keep the Dollar strong using Derivatives, swaps and using Tungsten for Gold scam,as the densities of both are almost the same.
      The US Bankers are unwilling to ban Derivatives[UNREGULATED and highly leveraged,many times over the Fractional Reserve Banking,which in itself is a FRAUD and is the basis of FIAT money of the "modern Western Banking System"] and let go their power to manipulate the price of almost anything,and thus their CONTROL over whole Humanity.
5.The huge mineral deposits in/from Australia,New Zealand,Canada,South Africa[before the 1990s],at its disposal.
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To be continued.......

Saturday, March 26, 2011

USA charges 10% more for Transport Aircrafts.

  In an effort to make the Strategic Relationship,stronger,Boeing the US aircraft manufacturing firm has charged India,10% more for each of its Hercules C-10 transport aircrafts.The UPA Government has raised questions regarding the same.

Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Complete Blog Posts.

       I have a Wordpress Blog where the traffic is,quite, huge,by MY standards.Comments are also numerous,though  mainly Spams.One person wanted to know how to "complete" posts once started.I agree,that it is difficult to finish a post in one sitting.I use the following method:-
1.When an idea strikes you,immediately start a blog post on that topic.
2.Mention the main points.
3.If possible provide dates for entries, and make it look like a Diary.
4.Use the phrase "To be continued......." at the end.This way, you can update whenever you feel like it and the readers will not have a BAD impression as they expect you to update the post,and hence it is NOT LEFT incomplete.
5.Update,whenever you feel like it,but do EDIT the posts.
To be continued.......

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Globalists prefer "Minority Communities",to rule nations.

  This is happening in:-
2.The USA
4.West Asian Muslim nations where Sunnis rule over the majority Shias.Saudi vested interests?
5.BJP in India,Muslim brotherhood in West Asia and nationalists in other nations like Britain are dismissed as "FAR RIGHT,Communal,Xenophobic" etc.
1.Divide and rule.
2.The Globalists will find Majority community  too strong,who will oppose their anti-national agendas.
3.To enable cultural invasion of the nations and Societies.
To be continued.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Con Artist MM Singh Runs Away Again!!!

Con Artist MM Singh Runs Away Again!!!This time to Jammu,as the SC had quashed the appointment of the CVC by him,to avoid facing taunts in the Parliament.Earlier to avoid the same regarding the various scams like the 2 G spectrum,Adarsh Society,CWG etc he had done a similar disappearing act to first Seoul and then to Belgium.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let Them Eat Bananas!!!

India is a Banana Republic,with the UPA at the Centre.Reasons:-
1.The Prime Minister is UNELECTED,which is Undemocratic.
2.Trinamul Congress party has connections with the Terrorist outfit,the anti-India Maoists.Hence the UPAS II itself is a terrorist.If a country ruled by Terrorists is not a Banana republic,then what's it?
3.Documents pertaining to the 2 G spectrum and the Adarsh scams are missing,as per the UPA-controlled CBI.This can happen only in a Banana Republic.
4.MM Singh [suspected to have been PLANTED and being controlled by the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank],is suspected to be instrumental in India getting "TUNGSTEN PLATED WITH GOLD",for her pure Gold and Billions,in the swap with the BoE in the 1990s and the recent purchase 193 MT,from the IMF.There is no GOLD Audit in India.Certainly India is a BANANA Republic.