Monday, August 8, 2011

Creating Labels For the Pages Section In Blogger.

This problem was haunting me for a very longtime,as I have some very good articles[from my perspective],in my pages section.And I'm not into the technical side of the Computer Software or Hardware.
I solved it,in the following way:-
1.Started a new post.
2.Mentioned almost all the tags I wanted in the pages section,in this post,asking the visitor to view the PAGES section.
3.Added all the tags,to the tags box, of this post.

Mind Control,Predictive Programming,movies,Nadaswaram,Thavil,Vedic Hymns,Songs etc view the pages section.

For Mind Control,predictive programming,movies,Nadaswaram,Thavil,Vedic Hymns,songs,the plight of Hindu temples, etc view the pages section.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

US Rating Downgraded!

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the US government’s ‘AAA’ sovereign credit rating.India's EXPORTS to suffer!


Delhi CM Indicted along the PMO,DIRECTLY, in the CWG Scam.

Delhi CM Indicted along the PMO,DIRECTLY, in the CWG Scam.
That is MM Singh is INDICTED DIRECTLY by the CAG!
Is the Italian Woman in the USA to garner support?

The Italian Woman Is in The USA For Three Weeks!

 The Italian Woman Is in The USA," in a secret location",ostensibly, for surgery,which is reported to be O.K.[The word used by the US source is "successful".Is this a coded message for the ones concerned?].Three weeks is a very long time to stay and one smells a rat.This type of secret visits and location belong to the "espionage" genre.And the Italian Woman is a reported Spy,planted by the erstwhile USSR and Opus Dei.Recall Henry Kissinger's visit to China via Pakistan,in 'secret',for enhancing relations with the Asian Giant.
   By the way,the USA,seems to be very interested in the proposed,"Communal Violence Bill",which will enable a particular minority Community to dominate the majority Hindus,as another Minority Community  is doing the same in the USA over the Christians and "Indians"[Pun intended],misusing a similar Law.It is worthwhile to note that the USA is converting a lot of Hindus to Christianity as they have done to the original Koreans in South Korea.